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I’ve always loved traveling but things got serious when I fell in love with South Africa in ’99. 
Since then I try to visit (South) Africa as often as I can.
But traveling for nature photography is not limited to Africa only.

I started this website a couple of years ago so family could follow me on my travels.
It developed into a website to share my photo’s and nowadays also to sell photo’s and wall decoration or digital files for commercial use.


A lot more coming in 2020!

Some recent trips:

2019 Masai Mara, Kenya
2019 Amboseli, Kenya
 2019 Viiksimo, Finland
2019 Chernobyl, Belarus
2019 Lofoten, Norway
2019 Ameland, Netherlands
2018 Isle of Skye, Scotland
2018 Pilanesberg, South Africa
2018 Kgalagadi, South Africa & Botswana
2018 Kruger, South Africa
2018 Great Grey Owls, Belarus
2018 Wolves, Belarus 

Coming trips:

February 2020, Belarus
April 2020, Kenya
June 2020, Uganda
July 2020, Faroe Islands
July/August 2020, Kenya
Sept/Oct 2020, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe

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